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The Dream Team, The Fabulous 5



Kaleta aka “The Fairy Godmother of Las Vegas”

President of the corporation; hopeless romantic, creative, professional, dedicated, and incredibly resourceful.



Favorite quotes: 

“I have the best job in the world!  I get to spend other people’s money, and make them happy!”

 “We’re taking over the world….one party at a time!”

 “Yes, we can make it happen!”

“You want what?  O.K.  We can do it!”

“We’re creating memories of a Lifetime”



At a very young age, I decided I wanted to be like Mr. Roark from Fantasy Island, or Walt Disney the creator of Disneyland and make the world a better place.

I have always looked at life through rose colored glasses, from a different perspective, and found a way to share my view by creating unreal realities through party planning.

Over the last 10 years, I have become the most resourceful party planner in Las Vegas.  I can bring in the clients, create the concept, find the location, and design the theme, the props, the entertainers, the costumes, the scripts, the music, the lighting, etc.  I will move that mountain if you ask me to!!!  (OK…With the help of my amazing team, of course!). 

It’s not just about the outrageous Las Vegas themes and Flash Mobs, it’s also about the fairytales and romance.  I’ve found a niche where no matter how outrageous the request or dream, we make the impossible POSSIBLE!

I’m also the QUEEN of the last minute request.  When the Las Vegas hotels have a VIP or a Celebrity with an order they can’t figure out how to fill…Kaleta Inc. to the rescue!

With a staff of over 40 “on call” creative professionals that are equipped with whatever it takes to get the job done, we’ve been able to do everything from all green M&M”s at midnight for a rock band, children’s theme parties, hire private jets, find a monkey to deliver bottle service, truck in fresh snow from the top of the mountains, pull permits from BLM and Forestry for exclusive land use, and hire 21 impersonators for a 21st Birthday event with 6 hours notice!

My “Fabulous 4” and the leaders in the corporation are me, Harvey, Heather Rose, and Dimos.  We’re the Dream Team that makes it happen! Everything we do at Kaleta Inc. is with integrity, perfectionism, and every event is flawless…yes, behind the scenes it can be chaotic…but hands down, every single time, we take our client’s vision and make it a reality…We’re making dreams come true and memories of a Lifetime!  



 Tina Marie aka “The GO TO GIRL!" 

Tina is the number one assistant, front girl, go to girl, and “Jane of all Trades”.  She is at my side at ALL TIMES and she’s the one that carries my bag full of “Fairy Dust” and makes it HAPPEN!

 Tina Kaleta Inc 2Tina Kaleta Inc 3


Tina Kaleta Inc


Favorite quotes: 


“Are you kidding me???”


 “Just Do It!”

“We can do that!”



 Tina is literally my “Right Arm” …My “Radar” from Mash.  I say “jump” and she asks “how High?!”   

 She is our real life “Party Girl” and SHINING STAR at Kaleta Inc.  She’s always working in high heels….and is the ULTIMATE “Handywoman” with her tool belt at her side at all times.  SHE CAN FIX ANYTHING with a little duct tape, glue, hammer and nails, chewing gum….whatever it takes!

 She Loves to SHOP (Thank GOD because I hate to shop)

 Tina is on call 24-7 and ALWAYS answers the telephone when it’s business.  She is incredibly resourceful and can do everything from design come up with zany ideas for extraordinary party themes, carry 100 times her weight, and sweep up the floor when it’s all said and done.  She has the energy of 50 team members all wrapped up in one with the positive attitude of “Anything is Possible” to go along with it. 

 It’s true, when in a last minute rush she’s dropped a cake or two, busted a few balloons, and walked into a crowded room only to fall flat on her face; but this girl jumps up, dusts herself off and always comes out on top.  She’s got integrity; she’s dedicated, reliable, and ridiculously clumsy at times (We call her “Lily Tomlin”), but in the end, she’s the only one that can put up with the pressure of perfectionism that we strive for at each and every event we produce. 



Dimos Greko….aka “Dimos the Little Greek Man”

Dimos is our “Little man with a BIG attitude!”  He’s our number one entertainer, our ordained minister, research assistant, and back up imaginer.

DIMOS ring bearer 8.jpg019.jpg


Favorite Quotes:

“Life is short (Like me!)  Let’s enjoy it then!”

 “Aye aye aye….”

“Wait!  I make it beautiful”

“Get out of my way, I can do this!”






Standing at 4’, 100 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes, Dimos is larger than life with his attitude and perseverance. Dimos was born and raised in Greece. He has been an actor, singer and entertainer for over 20 years.

His life’s dream is to make the world a better place and has found his biggest calling with Kaleta Inc.  He’s in love with the idea of being in love, and his favorite part of the business is performing wedding ceremonies as our ordained minister.

Dimos met his other half while she was vacationing on the island of Greece.  She picked him up like a souvenir and…SWOOP!  Here he is in the US making his mark with Kaleta Inc.  Dimos says “My wife is little, just like me…I’m half, she’s half…and together we make ONE”.

Dimos is our number one entertainer, research assistant, and behind the scenes imagineer.  He comes up with hilarious scenarios for meet and greets, airport pickups, dating games, singing telegrams, theme parties, and shocking surprises. He has performed for us as :‘Mini Elvis’ - 'Mini Uncle Sam' - 'Mini Yoda' - 'Mini Cupid' - 'Mini Oompa Loompa' 'Mini Leprechaun' - 'Mini Elf ' - 'Mini Santa Claus' - 'Mini Superman'- 'Mini Batman' - 'Mini Jester' - 'Mini Policeman' – and  'Mini Sailor man' just to name a few!

Dimos is also a local celebrity in Las Vegas. On the side when he’s not swamped here at the office, you can catch him performing at the “Tournament of Kings” at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino, as well as the “Goretorium”…stop by and say “Hi!”




Harvey Blanc aka “Entertainment Director”

Harvey runs the entertainment division and has every contact from Los Angeles to New York…and most importantly the BEST of Las Vegas!



Favorite quotes: 

“We can save money if we…”

“I’ll drive the truck, it will save us more money!”

“I will pose as security, it will save us more money!”

“I can be a Simon Cowell double, sell them on Simon Cowell, it will save us more money!!”

“I make a great Jack Sparrow, sell them on Jack Sparrow, it will save us more money!”



Harvey was born and raised in Brooklyn New York.  He came to Las Vegas 14 years ago for a visit and never went back home!  Harvey performs comedy-not stand up comedy but sit-down comedy because he grew up on a steady diet of Johnny Carson and has a goal of one day running his own talk show.

For the last 4 years, to cover the bills of a starving actor, Harvey has been successfully running the entertainment division of Kaleta Inc. 

Harvey has an impeccable reputation for finding the best of the best in the industry.  He can secure contracts with impersonators, live bands, acrobats, look-a-likes, dancers, and real-life celebrities to perform at any event. 

He’s in charge of coordinating everything from in-suite staged meet and greets, singing telegrams, juggling clowns, corporate event talent, and airport pickups, to flash mobs, mermaids, monkeys, snakes, and fish!

Harvey is also ALWAYS looking for a way to cut costs and is willing to do the dirty work himself to save a buck.  If and when it doesn’t affect the high quality and utmost professional standards of Kaleta Inc., we let him have his way!

Harvey is “on” 24-7….He is the life of the party!  He is known best for keeping our team and our clients laughing with his hilarious antics in and out of the office.  He’s the funniest guy you will ever meet!